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CUSP Early Foundations

About CUSP Early Foundations

What an amazing launch we had on 28 March 2023! If you were unable to make the webinar or simply want to revisit you can view the launch and download the slides!

This 45 minute webinar takes you through the core elements of the CUSP EYFS offer that will be released to schools over the coming term.

  1. Foundational Knowledge for each area of learning
  2. Opportunities and experiences for building this foundational knowledge
  3. Structured story time planning to build knowledge and language

This session includes:

  • An overview of how the three core elements will work together
  • A first look at how Structured Storytime can be used as the basis for core learning
  • A walk through of the beautiful Literature Spines:
    • 2-3 year old
    • 3-4 year old
    • 4-5 year old

View some of our amazing resources

Module Downloads

Early Foundations Literature Spine and Storytime Example


View our wonderful literature spine

  • carefully crafted and sequenced series of books
  • thematically mapped
  • with incredibly impactful and evidence-informed resources that schools can subscribe to.

Details on how to order the books with a CUSP discount of 35% from Peters are available on each of the EY phase pages!

Early Years Structured Story Time

  • Luna Loves Art by Joseph Coelho (Age 4 – 5 years)
CUSP-Early-Foundations-Literature-Spine-overview-2023-Final-1 EYFS Structured Story Time – Luna Loves Art

Subscription to CUSP Early Foundations

Schools with CUSP Infinity Subscriptions will have access to all Early Foundations resources as part of their membership.

CUSP Members

CUSP EYFS 2-3£200£300£400£500
CUSP EYFS 3-4£200£300£400£500
CUSP EYFS 4-5£200£300£400£500
CUSP Early Foundations Complete (All of the above)£500£800£1,000£1,250
Please note that VAT will be added

Schools joining CUSP Partnership

CUSP EYFS 2-3£350£550£700£900
CUSP EYFS 3-4£350£550£700£900
CUSP EYFS 4-5£350£550£700£900
CUSP Early Foundations Complete (All of the above)£900£1,500£1,950£2,450
Please note that VAT will be added

CUSP Membership Bands

Small rural
Less than 60 pupils

60 – 150 pupils

151 – 300 pupils

More than 300 pupils

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