Unity Schools Partnership

About Curriculum with Unity Schools Partnership – CUSP

We are a partnership – not a product – and serve over 135,000 pupils across 490 schools in the UK and a number abroad as well. Research and evidence-led practice guides our principles. We support all schools subscribing to CUSP, and can put you in contact with leaders who have very successfully embedded the full CUSP curriculum. That’s the point of this partnership: to work together. All our evidence is showcased from the classroom and excellent practice – it’s where we make the genuine gains.

CUSP is guided by evidence-led curriculum structures, such as retrieval, spaced retrieval practice and interleaving. It is underpinned by explicit vocabulary instruction and research-focused pedagogy. Combining these has led to exceptional outcomes for pupils, as a result of coherent curriculum design and instructional teaching. It also gives you, as school leaders, consistency and expectations. CUSP is unapologetically ambitious – it will not only improve outcomes for pupils, but also teacher subject knowledge.

Integral to CUSP is the evidence-led pedagogy that sits behind the architecture of the curriculum design. If you join our partnership, I’d urge you strongly to spend time with staff going through the essential CPD we have provided online and with handbooks. Each one is designed to support a staff meeting.


Our work is built around
cognitive load theory
principles of instruction
evidence informed practice


We believe learning isn’t an event
It must be


Sequence matters
systematically planned
explicit instruction
supports acquisition of curriculum content

Champions of our Curriculum Partnership