Unity Schools Partnership

More information about our formidable curriculum partnership (CUSP) and phenomenal literacy curriculum (CLUSP)

Champions of our Curriculum Partnership

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Our work is built around
cognitive load theory
principles of instruction
evidence informed practice


We believe learning isn’t an event
It must be


Sequence matters
systematically planned
explicit instruction
supports acquisition of curriculum content

Evidence informed resources

Each module contains
Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary progression from Y1 – Y6
Dual-coded knowledge organisers
Coherent sequence of learning
Digital Non-Fiction Literature Spine
(Subscription needed)
Cumulative quiz
Knowledge notes for each lesson
High quality teaching images and diagrams

Pupil Book Study
Sequences of Learning
Opportunities to share excellence and collaborate
with schools across England and internationally

More information

Download examples and information

Vocabulary Insights with Lauren and Alex

Module Downloads
Vocabulary Insights


An absolute treat to share our work with all participants today (23/09/2020)

These documents will help you reflect on our conversation.

  • Handbook – Vocabulary Insights
  • Video you can use for CPD (coming later tonight)
  • Vocabulary – Evidence Informed Reading lLst
  • Worked examples of Windrush Generation Learning Module
  • Worked example of Windrush Generation Vocabulary Teacher and Pupil Organisers
  • Short video clip of Year 3 children engaging in Pupil Book Study
Handbook – Vocabulary Insights with Lauren and Alex Video Clip – Vocabulary Insights with Lauren and Alex Developing Vocabulary Provision Reading list Learning Module – CUSP History Y6 Windrush (lite) Year 6 History Windrush generation Vocabulary module EXAMPLE Pupil Book Study Short Clip Yr 3 October 2019

A metacognitive script that forensically evaluates the Quality of Education
Pupil Book Study – Coming soon to CUSP