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Early Foundations and Primary Membership Bands

CUSP subscription prices are banded depending on the number on roll in the Primary school. There is an annual renewal fee to maintain access to the website and any updates, new information and new learning modules we create.

Small rural
Less than 60 pupils

60 – 150 pupils

151 – 300 pupils

More than 300 pupils

Subscription Costs

For example, if you subscribed to CUSP Science and were a large school with 3 classes, the cost would be equivalent to 72p per pupil or 0.1% of the school’s minimum funding!

Single Subject Prices*Small RuralSmallMediumLarge
Early Foundations (2-3 year olds | 3-4 year olds | 4-5 year olds)£350£550£700£900
Reading and Writing Y1 – Y6£1,250£2,250£3,000£3,750
Science Y1 – Y6£800£1,450£1,950£2,450
Art and Design£800£1,450£1,950£2,450
Design and Technology£800£1,450£1,950£2,450
Strong Start Writing£200£300£400£500
Science Base Slide Decks Y1 – Y6£175£300£400£600
Geography Base Decks Y1 – Y6£175£300£400£600
History Base Slide Decks Y1 – Y6£175£300£400£600

For example, if you were a medium school with 190 pupils, the cost of the Base Slide Decks would be equivalent to 35p per pupil, or a few days supply! That’s incredible value!
Please note, you can only get the Base Slide Decks with a current CUSP Science, Geography and History subscription.

Package PriceSmall RuralSmallMediumLarge
CUSP Primary Complete
Early Foundations (EYFS), Reading, Writing, Spelling, Science, Art, DT, French, Music, Geography and History

Request to Purchase Form

When you are ready to proceed with joining our partnership, or adding to your existing subscription, please email our wonderful CUSP Operations Lead – Emma Williams – cusp@unitysp.co.uk and we will get back to you with a quote and a Contract Letter.

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About Unity Schools Partnership Education Limited

Unity Schools Partnership Education Limited (USPE) is a wholly-owned subsidiary trading company of Unity Schools Partnership (USP) and USP has licensed USPE to re-sell the Curriculum Materials. 

Company Registration No: 12709238.
Registered Office: Unity Schools Partnership Offices, Park Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7YD, United Kingdom