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What is a Lead School Visit?

A Lead School Visit is an opportunity to see CUSP in action in a school where the CUSP practice has been quality assured. These schools have woven the principles and practices of CUSP throughout their vision and their curriculum. We work with them to host a day where you can visit lessons, talk to teachers and leaders about their CUSP journey, see pupils’ learning and hear directly from pupils themselves during Pupil Book Study.

Lead School Visits follow a timetable which allows schools to experience a variety of subjects across the primary age range. They are not bespoke to schools or MATs so you will have the opportunity to meet colleagues who are on a similar journey.

All communication around Lead School Visits is managed by CUSP Operations so please email curriculum@unitysp.co.uk for more details.

We ask you not to contact the schools directly as they will refer you back to us.

Booking a visit

Our lead schools are amazing but as you can appreciate they do have a limit to the dates they can offer and the number of visitors they can accommodate. We request that visiting schools are limited to a maximum of two staff. Places are allocated on a first come first served basis so please do select a second choice in case. We cannot guarantee that there will be a space on the desired visit you select.

Charges and Conditions

  1. There will be a charge for visiting a lead school, this is to reimburse the school for any costs that are incurred whilst hosting this event.
    • £100 +VAT per school for a full day
    • £50 +VAT per school for a half day
    • £25 +VAT per hour remote meeting
  2. Once your visit date has been confirmed you will receive a quotation.
  3. Your school will be invoiced by Unity Schools Partnership Education Ltd once the visit has taken place. Payment terms are 30 days.
  4. Visiting schools are responsible for arranging and funding travel and accommodation for their staff.
  5. Lead schools reserve the right to cancel the visit in the event of an inspection or other unforeseen circumstances.
  6. All communications between the visiting school and the lead school must come through Unity Schools Partnership.

Please complete the booking form below.

Spring 2024 schedule will be released shortly

Autumn 2023 Dates

  • Brooklands – 27 September 2023 (EY) Bookings Closed
  • Kedington – 27 September 2023 Bookings Closed
  • Brambleside – 2 October 2023 Bookings Closed
  • William Davis – 3 October 2023 Bookings Closed
  • Whitefield – 4 October 2023 (PM) Bookings Closed
  • John Scurr – 7 November 2023 Bookings Closed
  • Brambleside – 13 November 2023 Bookings Closed
  • Kedington – 15 November 2023 Bookings closed
  • Whitefield – 16 November 2023 (PM) Bookings closed
  • John Scurr – 21 November 2023 Bookings closed
  • William Davis – 21 November 2023 Bookings closed
  • Houldsworth – 24 November 2023 (EY/ 1:1 iPads &iLearn) – date has changed from 14 November Bookings closed
  • Brooklands – 29 November 2023 (EY) Bookings closed
  • Shankhill – zoom meeting

Booking Form

Our Lead Schools

Location: Kettering, NN16 9NZ

Visit Capacity: 8 people

Visit their website > 



Location: Manningtree, CO11 1RX

Visit Capacity: 8 people

Visit their website > 



Location: Newmarket, CB8 0PU

Visit Capacity: 12 people

Visit their website > 



Location: Tower Hamlets E1 4AX

Visit Capacity: 12 people

Visit their website > 



Location: Suffolk, CB9 7QZ

Visit Capacity: 10 people

Visit their website > 



Location: Cumbria, CA6 6JA

Zoom meetings only

Visit their website > 



Location: Tower Hamlets E2 6ET

Capacity: 10 people

Visit their website > 



Location: Liverpool L6 2HZ

Capacity: 5 schools

Visit their website >