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Unity Curriculum Plus, Vocabulary and
CPD Modules

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Unity Curriculum Plus

Expertly written Teacher Guides
Specific Tier 2 and 3 Vocabulary
Etymology and morphology
Idioms and Colloquialisms
Pupil Vocabulary Organisers
Structured diagnostic questions to assess
word depth and breadth
Underpinned by a comprehensive
Unity Curriculum Plus Vocabulary plan
Year 1 – Year 6 vocabulary modules
akin to the National Curriculum

“This is a total game changer,
the impact on children’s language is phenomenal”

Professional Growth Modules

Evidence informed professional development
handbooks with 20 – 40 minute clips
Engaging and knowledge-rich
Professional questions to provoke reflection
and a route map to improved practice

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An introduction to cognitive load theory

An introduction to direct and explicit instruction

How to plan purposeful tasks from a knowledge note

An introduction to Explicit Vocabulary Instruction